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It’s Safe. It’s Easy. It’s Convenient. It’s FREE.

Use your mobile phone or computer to:

  • Check balances

  • View recent transactions

  • Make transfers

  • Pay bills

  • Make check deposits

  • Locate Branches and ATMs near you

You can sign up for Mobile Banking in just three easy steps:

Get it on Google Play

Get it on Google Play

Get it on Google Play

Our online banking provides you secure 24-hour access to your accounts. Within online banking, you can take charge of all your accounts from the convenience of your own home.


To apply, just click “Enroll” or “Business Enroll” from the “ONLINE BANKING LOGIN” Online Application Portal.

CardValet: Access. Control. Anytime. Anywhere.

CardValet® is the mobile app that cardholders can use to set up alerts
and create controls based on their transaction preferences.

The CardValet mobile app can be used to:

  • Turn cards on and off

  • Set location-based controls to limit card usage

  • Restrict card usage based on merchant type

  • Establish card transaction limits

  • Set threshold for transaction amounts

  • Schedule alerts for specific transaction types

CardValet gives users immediate access to card controls to manage their cards and proactively deter fraud.

CardValet is available for Apple iOS and Android devices.